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23 de octubre de 2020

Journal 1

Since the beginning of quarantine I was completely isolated in my home and only went outside to walk my dog. However, I moved into the city last week and realize now more than ever how important it is to go outside and how therapeutic communing with nature can be. There is so much beauty in the world around us and it is a shame to stay indoors and not interact with and learn about nature and its vastness.
For my first few observations, I added a picture of a Monarch butterfly that I took at my home in Long Island, and a picture of beautiful flowers I saw in the middle of a largely desert area in Israel. In addition, I walked around Morningside Heights and to Riverside Park today and took pictures of some stunning flowers that I saw. Previously, I had not thought of Manhattan as a home for flowers and nature and am excited to discover aspects to the city I haven't noticed before. This project is a great opportunity to get outside, observe the world around me, and share pictures of organisms that I find.

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