17 de junio de 2023

Champion Forest Park 06/16/23

Today I visited my cousins' house in Spring, Texas which is around 40 miles from where I live(Sugar Land). Spring, Texas has much more forestry than Sugar Land. The scenery is filled with trees and plants thus is green. The weather was humid and was in the 90s. Champion Forest Park is a park a few minutes from their house and there were a lot of plants so I went to explore there for a few hours. I saw a variety of green plants and forestry. I also took a picture of a black insect that was on a leaf. There was also the sounds of many insects as I was observing. At the entrance of the park there was also palm trees which I found fascinating due to a diversity in plant species.

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10 de junio de 2023

Justin P. Brindley Trail 06/09/23

I walked about 45 minutes on the Justin P. Brindley Trail. This trail had a path for humans but was also surrounded by a numerous amount of plants and wildlife. The weather was moderately hot but with a breeze. This path is in Sugar Land, Texas. As I walked along the path I was able to find a lot of lichen attached on to trees. I would say I saw about 50+ trees with lichen attached. This really conveys the importance of lichen as it good for air quality. I had no luck finding fungi however. This path also led to a biker trail in a forest. As I walked into the forest the ring of crickets and other animals filled my ears. This place had many types of plants. Not to mention there were a lot of insects around me. One plant that was fascinating was the Mimosa pudica plant. If you touched its leaves it would immediately close up the leaves due to an external stimulus. I also came across many ant colonies. I was able to see a Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar on a leaf. It was very fuzzy with and was coated with white "fur". This experience was very insightful as I got to witness nature at work.

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