22 de septiembre de 2021

Journal 1 - Lab 2

The observation I chose was the Pale Sunflower (Helianthus Decapetalus) because I got some surprisingly good quality pictures of it. The phylogeny placement falls under all life unsurprisingly and then eukaryotes, further splitting into plants and then flowering plants. From there, sunflowers split from under the daisy family and Helianthus Decapetalus is found.

The pale sunflower, of all the flowers my group and I observed, had the largest petal surface area and brightest colour which makes them specifically attractive to pollinators. Pollinators are essential in the reproduction of the flower and therefore the pale sunflower and the insect both benefit.

All the observations in my group have the common adaptation of being accustomed to the cold. Montreal and Mont Royal specifically reach subzero temperatures throughout many months of the year. Therefore all the plants that my group observed must be adapted to the cold.

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