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08 de noviembre de 2022

California Tidepooler's Alert: Rare Fossil Species Alive (!) in Santa Barbara County

Jeff Goddard's paper, and a nice article from UCSB, came out yesterday. Congratulations Jeff!

What to look for: Cymatioa cooki is a beautiful little clam with a long, white-striped foot. It was first seen in November 2018, and the other specimens were also found Nov-Mar, so winter might be a good time to spot more of these beauties.

The easy read:

Jeff's paper:

I was honored to be tidepooling with Jeff on the day he found the first one, and got a bit of video that shows it's odd, vigorous way of moving. The audio also captures our puzzlement and the fact that I may have seen another one earlier that day, but was too busy hunting for nudibranchs to realize what I'd seen! Classic me.

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11 de noviembre de 2022

Are you an iNat Maverick? Time to Marie Condo your IDs.

End-of-Year Cleanup Time. 'Tis the annual season to find out how badly you have been misidentifying things. I just Marie Condo'd my identifications, and despite the repeated eyerolling at my own goofs ("How did I identify it as THAT?"), I feel much better that at least they're now corrected.

Want to do your own ID cleanse? Paste in the following, then cut and substitute anudibranchmom for your own user name:

Now won't you feel better?


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