Lake Erie Fish Ageing Project

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate fish ageing techniques. Using the crack and burn method, otoliths were “flamed” using a zippo lighter carefully with the blue part of the flame lower to the chimney to avoid scorching and soot. A clean burning fuel is needed to avoid charring and soot. Alcohol did not burn long enough and a standard lighter flame or orange flame had poor results. The otoliths were then embedded in Crayola modeling clay and submerged in canola oil.

Then viewed and photographed using a stereo microscope.

Scales were viewed and photographed using a stereo microscope.

Counting the annuli on both the scales and otoliths, the age of the fish can then be determined.

Project can be found here;

Please feel free to leave a comment on what age you think these fish could be.
All scales and otoliths were collected with guidance and permission under MNRF guidance.

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