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02 de junio de 2024

Fall Ohio Gall Meetup - Southwest Ohio

Hope you all had as much fun as I did at Jackson Bog a couple weeks ago. I am now working on the next meetup for September.

Here is what I am thinking:

The fall gall hunt this year will be in SW Ohio.
Location: Greene County Fens: Starting at Pearls Fen and proceeding to Koogler Wetlands and Sibenthaler Fen (Depending on timing... I know this things always take longer than I expect).
Google pin for first site:

Date/Time: September 7, 2024. 1-~4PM (or whenever you need to leave)

I am open to other suggestions for location but would like to be in the Greene/Montgomery/Clark county area.
Date could be different as well if this date is horrible for most folks.

Tagging SW Ohio gall folks and others who said they might be interested: @kristendiesburg, @lo-am, @kemper, @drink_more_water, @darth_schrader , @tylbrooks1998, @cjcgreatparks, @greenscenery, @erinhenson, @whateverwatcher

Everyone is invited, feel free to tag folks that may be interested. I will make an official announcement with finalized details and then I will try and remind people with about a week out.

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