Identification Resources-Ongoing

(The current plan is that this is going to be an ever-evolving post where I dump new identification resources.
Maybe I'll break up posts by Kingdom--let's see how unwieldy this gets!)

Identification resources:

Butterfly eggs
Moth eggs
Hemiptera eggs
Things mistaken for insect eggs:
ScaleNet-ID insect scales
Particularly useful is the "Ecological Associates" tab at the top where you can look up lists of scale species by host plants
Currently I look up host plant, then plug the scale genus into iNat for photos. Many species do not have photos on iNaturalist or even when searching the internet.

Tree cricket ID:
Nancy Collins’s iNaturalist bio has ID tips and sources:

Moths and butterflies in North America:
Miller, Jeffrey C.; Hammond, Paul C. 2003. Lepidoptera of the Pacific Northwest: caterpillars and adults. FHTET-2003-03. Morgantown, VW: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team. 324 p. (Online only)
Can look up photos by state. Useful to have a genus to start with.

Horticultural plant arthropods-some photos
(see long list on side of individual entry)

All things aphid:
Natalie Hernandez’s intro page:

Kingdom Plants:

Washington State Lomatium ID guide:

Seed resources (seeds often look like insect eggs or insects!)(Thanks @harsiparker !)

Common Mosses of Western Oregon and Washington by Bruce McCune and Martin Hutten (Book):

Mosses, liverworts, hornworts, lichens, lichenicolous fungi:
Rambryum's journal posts with excellent resources for identifying Mosses, Liverworts, Hornworts, Lichens, and Lichenicolous Fungi:

Book: Macrolichens of the Pacific Northwest by Bruce McCune and Linda Geiser
Overview of lichen forms Wikipedia (online):
The Lichens of British Columbia: Illustrated Keys by Goward, McCune, Meidinger (online):
Or at

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