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05 de mayo de 2023

Interesting and Useful Projects on iNaturalist (ongoing)

List of favorite and/or interesting iNaturalist projects. I’m continually updating and adding new projects regularly.
One reason to put observations in projects is that sometimes experts are following certain projects and the observations get identified faster.
(need to add the list from opening paragraph)

Animal signs:
Mines in leaves

Animal behavior:
Mating behaviour
Arthropod Ecology in Action
Global Pollinator Watch
“Sleepy bee slumber parties” (added Jan 2024)

Other arthropod:

Wildlife disease:
(list from ) (not for feet, but as an example of a very specific project)

See "Favorite projects" post from the iNaturalist Forum (need to investigate some of these):

“Dead” Projects:
(These projects are interesting in terms of tracking predation, roadkill, windowkill, disease, unknown mass death events)
Dead Arthropods
Dead Fishes
Dead Herps (reptiles and amphibians)
Dead Birds
Dead Mammals
Global Roadkill Observations (Roadkill Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Arthropods (although it says insects in project description)):
Skulls and Bones

Interesting and unusual:
UV fluorescent organisms
Leucistic, albino, etc organisms
Fasciated plants

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