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27 de agosto de 2021

A list of online resources

A list of online resources I use/have used/not yet used to identify things. I needed to organize my bookmarks and I thought I would share these links. Maybe you can find something of interest! Also, feel free to leave a comment if there’s a worthy website you want to share, and I’ll add it to this list.

Some of these sites are simply lists of plants found in a certain area, some have keys, some are more descriptive. I tried to describe each link.


Minnesota plants with descriptions and photos:

Minnesota plant checklist:

Minnesota reptiles and amphibians with photos, descriptions, and audio:

Cultivated plant afflictions (not comprehensive, but a good starting place)

Bell Museum Collections (lists many species and specimens):

MN mosses and liverwort keys:

MN lichen key:

North America:

Flora of North America, keys (be forewarned: botany jargon and not all volumes are published yet)

Plants of New England, with keys, photos, and descriptions

Plants of California, with keys and photos

Plants of Oregon with photos and descriptions

Cultivated trees and shrubs, database with photos

Plants of Michigan with keys, photos, and descriptions

Plants of Illinois with photos and descriptions

Plants of Alabama, herbarium specimens

Plants of Manitoba (just a list)

Plants of British Columbia with photos and descriptions

County maps of United States plants (useful for getting a general idea of plant ranges, keep in mind this is somewhat out of date!)

Photos of trees, tree pests and other forestry related things

Butterflies, tiger beetles, and robber flies of Wisconsin with descriptions and photos

Flies of North America

Arthropods of North America

Gall forming species of North America

Mushrooms of North America

Worldwide fungi observations

Animal encyclopedia (This has nice mammal skull specimen photos)

North American birds

Bird audio and photos (and other animal species)

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