SF Bay Harmful Algae Bloom 2022 Followup

First of all thank you to all of you listed here. Your efforts were heroic. I can't believe how much shoreline got covered in such a small amount of time and some of these edges of the bay were very hard to access and you did it!

Baykeeper, working with SFEI and CDFW wants to be able to use your un-obscured GPS locations for sturgeons.

Specifically Jon Rosenfield of Baykeepers says " mapping reports of dead sturgeon will help us to understand the extent and spatial distribution of the impacts on sturgeon . From this, we can infer some things about where the sturgeon were, and how much of their Bay habitat was impacted. Also, the map will be an educational tool for managers and the general public"

If you are comfortable with your data being used in this manner, please join the project
and select to TRUST project admin with coordinates. If you don't feel comfortable, don't feel obliged

Once again without all of you I don't think we could have known the full extent of the damage this Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) had on the bay and why we need as a community to take steps towards minimizing the chances of these in the future.


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Done! Thanks for the massive mobilization and organization efforts @damontighe !

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Thanks for doing this. I was just noticing the first observation was obscured. I work at SFEI Nutrient Management Strategy, is there a way to be added to access the unobscured location data. Would help us to compare to the biogeochemical mapping we have been doing.

Dan Killam
Environmental Scientist
San Francisco Estuary Institute

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