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30 de agosto de 2022

SF Bay Harmful Algae Bloom 2022

There is a massive fish die off going on in the SF Bay and possibly further up the delta due to an ongoing algae bloom of Heterosigma akashiwo. Big fish die offs just started happening in the past few days in Lake Merritt, Palo Alto, Richmond....its really wide spread. If you are out and about in the SF Bay in the coming weeks and see fish or other organisms dead that you may think are associated with the algae bloom, please add them to this project:

"SF Bay Harmful Algae Bloom 2022"

If you are tagged in this journal post it is because you are one of the top 100 fish observers in the SF Bay Area.

Thanks for any contributions, they will definitely help agencies figure out the extent of this event and maybe, big maybe investigate the cause and help prevent similar events in the future.


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