I have returned

Before anyone thinks differently, I just want to say I am not conceded and am writing this post just to talk about me. A few people have asked and have noticed I just suddenly disappeared around May 2017. I have already reached out to them and am greatly touched by your concern. It really means a lot to me. However, I have just wanted to say I am trying to return regularly to iNaturalist to help others and to improve my knowledge of the natural world! If you were wondering where I have been the last couple of months please feel free to email me through the website and I will be happy to reply. I should start posting some observations soon, however transportation is limited for me and my schedule tends to be a bit busy. But I would like to start posting again. I hope everyone had a great New Year and I am looking forward to all of your observations!


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Good to see you back!!!

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Thank you! :-)

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