The most beautiful part of Marin Headlands

I've covered a lot of territory throughout Marin Headlands over many months. Today I had a spectacular 28+ mile sojourn which took me along the Alta Trail, down the Marincello trail to Tennessee Valley, then up the Wolf Ridge trail which connected to the Coastal Trail. The upper Wolf Ridge trail is spectacular.

I saw hazelnut (abundant along some parts of the trail and extremely rare throughout the rest of the Headlands), Monardella, an unusual yellow-flowered paintbrush, a Ceanothus with blossoms, Clinopodium douglasii (Yerba Buena, the only time I've ever seen in in the Headlands), and some other species not being IDed by iNaturalist that I haven't seen before.

This area is a botanical hot-spot and has probably been mostly undisturbed for centuries or millenia.

Wish I could at least post the pics here since I can't create observations in the iNaturalist Android app due to the location issue.

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