More Monardellas! iNaturalist GPS working again?

Went on the new route - SCA trail (starting at Conzelman) -> Alta Trail -> Orchard Fire Rd. today, which I first discovered last week, and saw several Monardellas and also a couple patches of Clarkia rubicunda which is the first time I've ever seen these.

The Triteleia laxa blossoms are really winding down now - only saw a few along segments of trail that were full of them only a couple weeks ago. Stachys are also really winding down with only a few scattered blossoms.

Along the Alta trail there are a lot of Rubus berries in fruit. I keep seeing what looks like areas with Corylus, Rubus, and Holodiscus mixed together in Marin Headlands on partially shaded hillsides.

Because of the Monardellas, out of curiousity I've gone by the area on Conzelman that heads under the GG bridge a couple times to check where I observed patches of Mentha pulegium late last year but haven't seen any. So even though they are also mints they are very distinct with their own season.

Have been uploading observations from today and the iNaturalist Android app correctly recognized the GPS from photos for a few but failed again with photos from the Corylus and later observations on the Alta trail.

People have suggested ways to edit the observations to include the correct GPS info. I take dozens of photos on my hike/rides and don't have time to do that kind of detailed editing to every observation, but would be happy to delegate editing capability to my observations for anyone interested.

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