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I'm learning how to use SimpleMappr (SimpleMappr.net) to create distribution maps. Here I'm going to try to embed the first map I created. It shows the distribution of five species of Eudesmia lichen moths in southern South America. The data are mostly from a download of all iNat sightings of four of the species as of Dec. 8, 2022, with the addition of a couple of records from earlier literature. Please don't take this as a final product of anything. I'm still working on the data set. This is just an EXAMPLE of the use of SimpleMappr.

The next test is to show a downloaded version of a map which I then uploaded to Flickr and will embed here. This shows the distribution of observations of Eudesmia cypris in Mexico, from iNaturalist data as of Dec. 8, 2022. This can be compared to the (adjacent) screen capture of the iNat observation map from my previous post on this species. (There are more dots on the iNat screen capture because it includes a few sightings on which there isn't community agreement yet, e.g. the original observer or subsequent identifier has not yet concurred.)

Eudesmia_cypris_1350 Map Eudesmia cypris iNat 20221206

Well, that seems to work OK. Don't worry about the size of the legends, scales, etc. These versions of the images have been reduced just to fit conveniently in the journal format.

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Hmm. I had cropped that first map to a square shape but the SimpleMappr embed version doesn't show it cropped. I'll keep studying this app.

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I haven't tried SimpleMappr, but it looks good.

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Thanks for sharing this. Looks very useful!

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Thanks Chuck. I've drawn most of the maps I've published. These are good looking maps and they have to be easier than drawing my own. Well, maybe easier if you have the app figured out--always a challenge.

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Looks like an interesting resource. It still bugs me that we have to post images like this to a third party like flickr though.

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Hi Chuck, I’ve been playing with SimpleMappr too. I found the crop tool works when you crop your map, then hit download and you get a file of that map cropped. Otherwise it won’t let you save it in SimpleMappr as a cropped version. Have you figured out anything differently?

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Thanks, JoAnne! I'll give that a try.

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UPDATE: The links to my SimpleMappr maps (e.g. first illustration in this post) seem to break frequently. I don't understand this fully, but apparently when one signs out, or is signed out automatically from SimpleMappr.org, the links to maps stored on the website are temporarily broken. Then signing in once again to the site apparently restores the links. Not an ideal set-up.

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