11 de octubre de 2020

Clicky bug

Hi everyone,

A few months ago, I saw, or rather heard a very strange insect. I heard it first on Flinders Oval (Adelaide) in the gum trees above me, and then later at my home which is roughly 2 km away from the oval. The sound was a very, very loud clicking noise, and the sound was moving above me; I could occasionally see a small grey shape flying around as well. Later (I think maybe the next day or the day after that) I heard it outside again, and rushing out, I saw an insect flying around. It landed on our gate and I ran over to check it out (I unfortunately did not have my phone on me to take a photo). The insect was about as long as half of my thumb, and was long and narrow. It was grey and had at least 4 legs, and also had medium sized see-through wings. It's eyes were very big and shiny.

I apologise for the long post, but if anyone can send me suggestions as to what the insect was, I would be very grateful!


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