Nov.21-Nov.23, 2022 East Cape Sable Camping

I left on Monday, Nov. 21st from Flamingo Marina on a sit-on-top kayak around 9:15AM and made it to East Cape around 3PM. I camped there for two nights, blacklighting on both nights for several hours. I left East Cape on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd at 10AM and stopped at Clubhouse beach to check out the Coastal Prairie trail
for about an hour before continuing on to Flamingo, where I arrived around 4PM.

My main goal was to bioblitz the area and also leave a trail of iNaturalist observations for the paddle to and from Cape Sable. I have over 40GB of mostly photos and some audio to look through so it will probably be a while before I post everything!

All of my observations from this trip:

My mollusk observations from this trip:

My blacklighting observations from this trip:

I will be adding more to this journal post, including the conditions/weather and how the trip went overall. I will hopefully also post some videos to youtube over the next week or so but I'm prioritizing adding my observations first! Here's a link to my channel in case you want to see subscribe to see some videos about this trip:

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What a sweet trip to an area that is not explored often enough! Really, really great stuff. I'm working with others in the NPS to ensure that we get iNaturalist observations like these into the hands of park managers when they make decisions. Thank you so much for all you to do BioBlitz around South Florida!

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