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Christian just told me about this thing called tenkara: ultra lightweight fly fishing for small fish in small mountain streams. Then he told me about microfishing: using really small tackle to catch really small fish. But also! This thing called species fishing: fishing to catch as many species as you can, not just the biggest or tastiest fish you can. Amazing. Anyone out there actually do these things?

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What a cool idea -- I love "species fishing!" :)

And the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l3uD8fLHu4) -- wild! I want one of those super long poles. :)

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Wow! That's great. Seems like a community that could really get into using iNaturalist :-)

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I've fished in the 30 gallon aquarium, does that count? I had a damsel in a reef tank that was terrorizing the other fish and needed to be moved to a different tank. But it was too smart/cautious to be netted. So I go the smallest hook & line I could find, baited it with the frozen mysid shrimp that I regularly fed it, and hooked it out.

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As a kid I loved the idea of fishing (but only actually went once I think). When I was about 4, I remember making a "hook" out of a paper clip, tying it to string, digging up an earthworm, draping it over the hook, and fishing for my goldfish in their bowl on the coffee table. Sounds like your tank fishing was much more successful than mine, Mark ;-)

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Hijacking this journal post because I can't (figure out how to?) comment on the iNat blog...what did you use to make those graphs? http://inaturalist.tumblr.com/post/132610857141/the-regulars

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WOW! Cool graphs and charts!!! :)

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I guess we didn't post it to Facebook. All of the code and data are at https://github.com/kueda/inat-days. I'm using https://github.com/marmelab/EventDrops, a D3-based visualization.

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I posted in a microfishing Facebook group about iNaturalist and a couple of them said they would check it out. At least one guy from there has started posting the fish he catches including this beauty (http://www.inaturalist.org/observations/4455299).

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