Autumn Foliage / Colors of Leaves - Appendix

There are 3 groups, or 6 types, of red anthocyanin compounds:

  1. pelargonidin [orange, salmon] & [orange, red] e.g. strawberries
  2. cyanidin [red] & [magenta] e.g. red-skin fruits & vegi
    > peonidin [purplish red] & [red-brown] e.g. rose flower

  3. delphinidin [blue, purple] & [blue] e.g. grapes
    > malvidin [purple] & [purple]
    > petunidin [purple] & [dark red]

A typical anthocyanin pigment appears red in acid, violet in neutral, and blue in alkaline solution.
Intense light and low temperatures favour the development of anthocyanin pigments.

3-Deoxyanthocyanidins are yellow anthocyanidins. 3-Deoxyanthocyanidins are reported to be stable to color loss due to change in pH.

  • Apigeninidin
  • Columnidin
  • Diosmetinidin
  • Gesneridin
  • Luteolinidin
  • Tricetinidin


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