The value of sound observations

TED TALKS: Bernie Krause: The voice of the natural world.

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Thanks for sharing this excellent piece. The information content in acoustical signatures is truly enormous, and this lecture opens the eyes of many to that potential. I have conducted a number of acoustical studies of biota, but all the studies combined of all scientists doing this type of work have not even scratched the surface.

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I first listened to it a couple months ago, but it became important in my mind to share as much as possible, after reading this devastating news:

Washington, D.C. – This morning, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would allow intensive development across hundreds of thousands of acres in the Los Padres National Forest and other national forests across the country. The bill would also exempt this development from long-standing environmental protection laws, reduce opportunities for public input, and limit the amount of watershed restoration activities that could occur on national forest lands.

They are trying to kill the natural world.

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This bill is an over-reach and will not become law. I shall phone some of the U.S. senators on this matter. One needs to be watchful on such matters, but the real environmental destruction is going on in Africa, Asia and South America at the moment.

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When I first started to listen to the TED lecture on nature's sounds, several flocks of Clark's nutcrackers I saw this summer immediately popped into my mind. It seems like every time I enter their domain, they give me lessons on how similar we are to them at times. Their calls are not pretty, but coarse and raucus. They warn the flock when an intruder passes through. They call to each other, maintaining social ties. They warn each other away from favorite trees while sparring in the air. Despite their rough and noisy calls, they are among my favorites.

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I have heard about Clark's Nutcrackers, but never seen any.

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Interesting Article:

"I first met Bernie at Foo Camp a few years back (one of the many serendipitous introductions that Foo makes possible), and reconnected with him recently because of some cool work he’s been doing in mapping soundscapes onto Google Earth."

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