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30 de abril de 2019

Birds Hill Provincial Park - Cedar Bog Trail

More than 250 trees have been cut down along the Cedar Bog nature trail upland loop in Birds Hill Provincial Park. By far the largest number of trees removed were bur oaks, along with many aspen some very large and some spruce.

The stumps left have been cleared at or below ground level with a chainsaw. In some cases the trunks cut into four foot sections were still stacked beside the trail.

I found the impact of the removal of these trees heartbreaking. This is a self guided hiking trail though a natural landscape. In some cases, this trail has been widened to more than fifteen feet wide.

The recent trails management plan recently absolutely nothing about widening this trail. Here's the link...

I am trying to find out why but as yet have had no response from anyone I have reached out to.

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