Journal 1

I decided to do this assignment because I am really interested in learning about the different species located near me. I find that during the school year, and especially during the pandemic, it is difficult to go outside. This project will encourage me to explore nature in an enjoyable way. I am particularly interested in this project because of the EcoQuests. It will be really fun to try and look for specific species and learn about native species in the area.
I decided to to go to Riverside Park, and take pictures of different plants. I took a picture of the American Asters because I saw a bee on it, and I watched the bee fly from flower to flower, and after visiting all the flowers, fly away. The purple flower, Spider Flowers, was interesting to me because it was growing in a constrained environment. I found it interesting to think about the fact that nature has to evolve and in many ways grow around the different things that humans introduce into their environment.

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