Journal 3: November ecoquest

I was not able to complete the November Eco-quest. I went to both Riverside and Central Parks, as well as a park on York avenue on the Upper East Side, and was unfortunately unsuccessful. I thought that this challenge would be easier to complete because the Groundsel Tree has very distinguishable white fluffy flowers. Instead of completing the challenge, I took a lot of additional photos. I tried to find beautiful flowers, as well as showcase the change in season through plants. Not all of my observations appear on the website, but I think you can see them in the app. I took a photo of oak-leaf hydrangea. The leaves changed to a beautiful red/purple color and really encapsulate autumn. Another photo that represents fall was the photo of the Japanese angelica tree. The leaves were more yellow with some pink/purple leaves. I also observed shasta daisies, and a Jerusalem artichoke. These flowers looked very similar beside their color. I found it very interesting that they are not part of the same family. Something else I focused on was flowers and plants that buildings bring into make the landscape surrounding the building more beautiful. I saw a beautiful rose, coneflowers and quail grass.

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