Last call for Anemone wildflowers!

Mid March is peak Anemone season, which will be winding down over the coming weeks.

This year, I was able to document an unusual morphological variant of Anemone at a new location in Baylor County. Here are observations of what I'm calling the "rolling plains morph" (because I've only seen it on the rolling plains) or "Anemone pilosus" (because it's so hairy both above and below the scape):

Other good news, Anemone edwardsiana has been documented from several new locations this season.

On a downside, no new observations of Anemone okennonii have been posted yet this season:

Here's the link to my previous post about observing Anemones and how folks can contribute to this scientifically under-appreciated group of wildflowers:

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Re: A. caroliniana not being documented much beyond the DFW area (I think that you wrote that in one of your other journal writings)--I saw an observation of A. caroliniana and A. berlandieri together in the same location in Harris County near Houston. This was on Facebook's Texas Flora dated 2/28/21. Maybe this link will allow you to see it:

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@suz, there have been quite a few sightings in the past couple of years of caroliniana between Houston, College Station, and Austin. It's been fun seeing the new observations over the past couple of years. I'd expect them to be in West Columbia also. Which reminds me, keep your eye out for gopher mounds. I think I see them on the satellite imagery, especially around the vicinity of Walmart. Both caroliniana and gophers like sandy soil.

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@pfau_tarleton thanks for the location tip. If and when I get to explore around that area, I will keep a watch out. The land across the street from Wal Mart was a prime location for exploring, but it has been leveled off and now holds roadwork equipment and supplies. It is for sale, so it will probably be developed at some point in the future. But there is vacant land on either side of WalMart. So, maybe I'll be able to explore that someday. Thanks.

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