Are you a maverick?

From time to time, I check my "maverick" status. There's almost always an ID I've made in the past that folks have corrected....leaving me to be the sole maverick with the incorrect ID (or, more rarely, the one with the correct ID).

Replace my ID with yours in the URL below to check your status:

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I am a maverick on a few... still waiting for anyone to support my maverickness. :)

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Thanks for posting this. I corrected those that I was a maverick on

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Thank you @pfau_tarleton for the prod to revisit maverick ID's. Lots of them for me! I withdrew my maverick ID when I realized I was wrong or did not really know enough to be qualified to voice an opinion. (In my defense, many maverick ID's were guesses using iNat suggestions to remove the "Unknown" label from observations that smarter people later identified. "Unknown" obvservations are a pet peeve of mine!)
I do still have a good number of mavericks I am sticking by my guns on until shown the error of my ID. (I can be stubborn.)
I am setting up a day every month on my calendar to do a personal maverick review. Will save me a lot of embarrassment in the future and... I might just learn something. Thanks again, and hope to see you soon.

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I've had fun checking it every few months--seeing things that I misidentified (I was more ignorant and naive a few years ago!) but that eventually got corrected by those coming along behind me cleaning up my mistakes.

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Thank you for this! I searched mine and had like 10 - 15, so good thing I checked! I passed the information to the UNT students. I'll remind them every now and then to check this. Also, knowing that I can do this will help me be more adventuresome to ID. I was kinda hesitant to ID the last blitz at the field station because I was scared I would get one wrong and then not catch the correction.

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