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30 de septiembre de 2021

Nature Walk 9/29

I walked around the Boston College Reserve we have on campus. I walked for about a half hour around 7 pm in which it was dark and cold. I was expecting to see and hear more animals or insects, yet only a few mosquitos were there. I thought it was cool how there were benches throughout, as it seems like it would be a calm and quiet place to relax at. There were a lot of short ankle level plants and also a lot of trees. There were pine, birch and even oak trees which was surprising. The only thing I hoped was that it wasn't next to the main road because I fear that animals won't be there very often especially during the day due to the business and noise of the road. Overall, I saw a wide rang of plants that maybe you wouldn't notice or see everyday on campus. (I also took these pictures on my phone and put them into the observations later).

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