Crabs seen during our southwestern Texas trip

I found several crab species in Texas, some live, a few dead and some only their burrows:

  1. Thin-striped Hermit Crab, many live ones, inside gastropod shells.
  2. Atlantic Ghost Crab, many active burrows

  3. Blue Land Crab (only some active burrows)

  4. Mud fiddler crab, one live one

  5. Mud crab, small one live

  6. The Western Gulf Stone Crab, an adult, dead (Similar appearance to the Stone Crab on Sanibel)


Publicado el 31 de enero de 2023 17:49 por susanhewitt susanhewitt


very cool. pics?

Publicado por jbooza hace 10 meses

@jbooza -- I added observation links this morning.

Publicado por susanhewitt hace 10 meses

Great. Thx! These are amazing.

Publicado por jbooza hace 10 meses

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