Planning my Encinitas trip for October/November

Having recently got back to New York City after four weeks in the Caribbean, I find that people are often asking me if I am going away on a trip this summer. But during the summer months I concentrate on being in my local free public swimming pool (John Jay Pool on 77th Street next to the River) every day for an hour or two, and also on recording/observing NYC's wild nature during its peak season as best as I can.

I also try to plan for my next big trip, which is to Southern California around Halloween time, for two or three weeks. My destination is room 108 at the Moonlight Beach Motel, in Encinitas, San Diego North County. I have a few old friends who still live in the area, and way back in 1970/71 I lived in La Jolla and Pacific Beach for two years, so SoCal still feels a bit like home to me.

Technically the hotel does not allow you to book any particular room in advance, but last year I was able to get away with doing that, so I am hoping it will work out this year too.

We don't rent a car for that time, but I use the inexpensive local buses that go south and north along the coast road. I also walk a fair amount and occasionally take a taxi. I hope my left foot has healed enough by then that it allows me to walk quite a lot.

Of course I have some favorite beaches. I also have two favorite local thrift stores as well as various favorite local parks and wild places.

On Sundays I try to get to the local Farmer's Market in order to buy local produce because our hotel room has a kitchen, and I usually make three meals a day.

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