2019 Naturalist Goals

Here are my goals for this year. Some are eBird related and others are more linked to iNaturalist.

  1. eBird: Participate in the 2019 5-Mile Radius Challenge. My goal is to get at least 175 species in my patch.
  2. eBird: Get all of the eBird Hotspots in my 5-Mile Radius patch up to at least 50 species.
  3. eBird: Have at least 1 checklist a day and move my Complete checklists to over 3500.
  4. eBird: Complete all monthly challenges.
  5. eBird: Identify over 300 birds this year.
  6. iNat: Participate in the City Nature Challenge Sacramento Region with at least 1000 observations.
  7. iNat: Organize a Bioblitz for at least one day of the CNC.
  8. iNat: Observe at least 5 new mammal species this year.
  9. iNat: Get the Koobs Nature Area up to 500 observations and 200 species.
  10. Sign up for the class to become a Certified California Naturalist.

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I never thought about this kind of statement of goals. It's better than New Year's resolutions. Now you have me mulling over what I should be doing. Somehow I think I need to be a little more structured. :-/ All the best!

Publicado por alflinn329 hace casi 5 años

Peggy and I also discussed the resolution-v-goal question. It seems to me that goals are better, because you can make discernible progress even if you miss. So, @vermfly , if you get 990 observations on the CNC, it is not a failed resolution but a near goal.
Here's the link to the Five-Mile Radius - https://inaturalist.ca/posts/20418-5-mile-radius-2019-challenge

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I have generated my five-mile radius map. It includes some excellent parks.

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@gyrrlfalcon I'm already off and running. I saw 60 species yesterday in a couple hours in the afternoon. Are you in the 5mr Facebook group? I posted my map there already.

Publicado por vermfly hace casi 5 años

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