17 de junio de 2023

A walk through Hammond Woods part two

I walked through Hammond Woods once again, the weather was warm, with some amount of cloud coverage, and this time I brought my dog. Together we observed a large variety of different plant life. While the Inaturalist image recognition suggested many specific genus' for many of the photos I uploaded, I was not confident enough to say for sure except for in a few exceptions. There were plenty of bugs, only one of which managed to have a picture that provided anything recognizable, and a smattering of smaller animal fauna. While I was unable to identify any species off hand, I found myself noticing the difference in the plant species more than I normally would have. The distinctions between the various plants really began to be noticeable to me as I looked more and more, and that experience alone was well worth it.

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10 de junio de 2023

Walk through Hammond Woods.

I walked through Hammond woods today. It was rainy and damp and the rocks were extremely slippery. I observed several different fungi and lichen, but I am unable to identify any of them. There were several dead trees covered in one of the fungi species running up the entire length of the dead trunks. There was the occasional bird call, but aside from that very little larger fauna, though the deer paths and occasional deer tracks were present in the mud. There was also very little human pollution visible, hardly any trash aside from the occasional broken glass shards and a single boot hung from the broken trunk of a dead tree. Unfortunately I was unable to walk and observe as much as I otherwise would have liked as I am still fighting off my infection and found myself physically drained incredibly swiftly following my climb up to the higher ground and broken boulders that make up the south eastern side of the woods, and was forced to return to my car. Though during my trip across the high ground I did notice a lack of fungi compared to the lower, wetter area on the western side.

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