Botany Blitz - Please Join

How would you like to iNat for 6+ hours AND contribute to science?

If so, please consider signing up for the Botany Blitz at Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park on April 16th (Sunday) hosted by Orange County Chapter of the California Native Plants Society.

It's a great event and last year had about 60 participants.


  • Take great photos and get them identified quickly
  • Observe at naturalist pace (hours/mile vs. miles/hour)
  • Meet folks and iNatters who share your passion for plants


  • Waking up early
  • A long drive
  • Rest needed after

@arboretum_amy has a great journal post about the last botany blitz.

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See also: @arboretum_amy's journal: You're Invited

Publicado por vreinkymov hace 6 meses

When is this event? I'm heading for the jungles of Panama next week for 3 weeks to INat there, but thanks for the invite!

Publicado por aparrot1 hace 6 meses

@aparrot1, updated the post with date (April 16th)

Publicado por vreinkymov hace 6 meses

If anyone is interested in carpooling, I'm planning to drive from Corona, CA via 91W -> 55S -> Chapman Ave and am willing to pick folks up who are +/- 10 minutes away from the route. If this is something you need, please message me.

Publicado por vreinkymov hace 6 meses

Wish I could make it!

Publicado por chris_gort hace 6 meses

Aw, I wish I could, but I will be at a convention with my kid. Thanks for the invite!

Publicado por skatingflamingo hace 6 meses

Planning on being there :)

Publicado por aaronddhh hace 6 meses

Wish I could join in person, but I'm studying in Australia this year! I'll try to ID what observations I can though :)

Publicado por jmillsand hace 6 meses

See you there!

Publicado por aefisher hace 6 meses

Thanks for the invite! Wish I could join but I'm in Northern California - it's a bit too far afield for me

Publicado por iorek hace 6 meses

I'll be there.

Publicado por nathantay hace 6 meses

Btw if anyone's on the fence, I just read on the site that you need to fill out the registration and waiver by April 9th in order to go.

Publicado por aaronddhh hace 6 meses

This sounds so fun, but I'll be working that weekend!

Publicado por wildgifts hace 6 meses

Thanks for the invite! As much as I'd love to, you lost me at waking up early. I am a confirmed night owl - and I'm in San Diego.
(I can do early without the drive.)

Publicado por klyle161 hace 6 meses
Publicado por flower_prof hace 6 meses

Yeah this sounds awesome, I'm in! Thanks for tagging me!

Publicado por mferr hace 6 meses

I really would like to join, but I won't be in Orange County for that weekend, unfortunately. :(

Publicado por asmo_sw hace 6 meses

@jalopy, @kylegunther, @aarenas You're invited :)

Publicado por arboretum_amy hace 6 meses

Sounds like fun. I'm currently almost booked solid with fieldwork for the next 3 weeks, so I can't really commit. If I end up not working that day, I might pop in and go rogue, haha. Good luck, and thanks for inviting me and putting this together!

Publicado por kylegunther hace 6 meses

@arboretum_amy I’m already signed up! Thanks for sending though :)

Publicado por aarenas hace 6 meses

@jrcowles, I think there's always a need for identification once folks upload observations. I'm not the organizer of the event though, so not sure about what other ways there are to help. I just tagged folks I regularly "see" identifying or observing in the area, thinking this might be a great event to attend.

Publicado por vreinkymov hace 6 meses

I believe it is for this project
So I would start there for doing IDs.

Publicado por arboretum_amy hace 6 meses

I really really wish I could make it, but I have my first final the next morning. Thanks for tagging me, I'm going to be pretty free to do stuff like this over the summer!

Publicado por kyle_eaton_photog... hace 6 meses

I found out why it filed up: a plant taxonomy professor is bringing his whole class.

Publicado por arboretum_amy hace 6 meses

I hope they'll at least be enthusiastic about it and treat it less like an assignment, but I'm a little concerned that might be the case

Publicado por aaronddhh hace 6 meses

I think @charlie coined a nice term for such participants in this iNat forum topic as "Duress" users. Hopefully, all of these students find the experience fun and don't find iNat's learning curve too steep. Maybe some of them will eventually become top identifiers too?

Publicado por vreinkymov hace 6 meses

Hi All, I'm not sure if it's my class, but I made this event an optional field trip for my CSU Long Beach students taking Plant Systematics this semester. I first asked the organizers if it was okay and we didn't mean to take away spaces from others! All of the students are Biology majors but they have a wide range of career goals. Some of them are interested in becoming field biologists while others hope to teach high school or be a nurse or a pharmacist or don't yet know what they want to do. They are using iNaturalist this semester for a class project and they are all familiar with the app and required to make high-quality observations that include a series of focused photographs with an object for scale. I also hope they'll be enthusiastic during our field trip, as they are on other trips we take during the semester. Most of all I hope they meet some knowledgable and patient botany and natural history folks who inspire them to continue looking at plants long after our class is over. I know most of them won't have the pleasure of going into botany professionally but they can become advocates for our native plants and wild places.

Publicado por aefisher hace 5 meses

Thanks for the thoughtful message Amanda. The class I mentioned was not your class, but nice to hear some of your students are coming too. I'm not worried about it. The student (again not yours) that I spoke to was very excited.

Publicado por arboretum_amy hace 5 meses

I hope everyone who was able to register/attend enjoyed the event! I thought it was lots of fun and it was pretty neat getting to see some of you in person! If you'd like to identify any of the observations, please use this link, courtesy @ronvanderhoff.

Unless anyone has objections, I'm planning to remove this journal in a few months since it's basically a digital flyer.

Thank you!

Publicado por vreinkymov hace 5 meses

Two slight variations to @ronvanderhoff's URL, in case you find them more convenient:

With &per_page=100 - 100 obs. per page before "next page" popup
Exclude Research Grade - Exclude obs. that have preliminary consensus

Publicado por vreinkymov hace 5 meses

It was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone for a great day.

Publicado por aefisher hace 5 meses

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