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09 de julio de 2017

If you are ever in Illinois, by Rock Cut State Park."

We went home to visit my parents in Illinois over Independence Day and my husbands mom, in Wisconsin. If you are ever near loves Park Or North Park or Machesney Park, Go to this park. I have been hiking and fishing it, since I was little. Though I did not get to go this time, it is a huge and beautiful park.They have added a camping ground and swimming years back. It is great for plants, birds, insects, a variety of animals including deer and fishing, Swimming and camping, snow shoeing, biking, hiking trails, sailing, canoeing, kayaking and paddle boats you can rent. It also has a food stand.

LOCATION; Rock Cut State Park is a state park of the U.S. state of Illinois. Located near Rockford in Winnebago County, it covers 3,092 acres (1,251 ha), enveloping Pierce Lake and Olson Lake. Rock Cut Park's main entrance is located on Highway 173, 1 mile west of Interstate 90. It is easy to get to from the interstate, if you come from that direction.

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Stranded in Joplin, Mo

While driving home to Ft. Worth, TX from Our families in Wisconsin/Illinois. We drove 11 hours with two stops along the way for gas and bathroom break. We stopped at a KOA in Joplin, Mo. I took some pictures of insects and turtles at this nice camp ground we have stayed at in the past. It is located right across the street from a very nice huge travel center and next door to a fireworks store and gas station. Thank Goodness, because the next day we went to head out and our Hummer 2 would not start. We had a mechanic come to our site. He thought it could be our BCM unit. It is like the brain of the truck, Security system and locks and ignition. Everything is closed on the weekend in this one horse town. We are calling a garage on Monday to have them take a look at it. We are hoping to go home that same day, regardless of when it gets finished. My husband had to call work and tell them what is going on. My husband has never called in sick or been late to work in the 32 years he has worked for General Motors. So this should be no problem for them. At least we have a nice shady spot and I have been taking pictures of Eastern amber wings, and dragonflies and some skittish red eared sliders, in the little pond at this campground. I will be uploading more pictures when I get back home.

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