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25 de enero de 2019

Bummed about Summerbrook Park

Just off of N. Beach Street, in a little neighbor hood is a small park. A creek runs through it.Summerbrook Park. They added a bigger fancier playground in 2018. It still has a drinking fountain. I use to find quite a few neat little insects at this park, like the Jagged Ambush Bug, also different types of butterflies, along the deep creek side.. Also, Birds loved to go down in the Cattails. A pair of Hawks also frequented this park.

The creek has since changed. The City of Ft. Worth took out every single plant that grew in and along the creek. It now looks like a long deep winding tunnel.

Sure it looks more open and now the trash can flow through this creek, where as before it sort of got stuck in the many different trees and plants. I cleaned it a few times before they removed everything.

This spring and summer, I will probably not find anything at this park unless it is in the trees that have been in this park for a long time. There are no flowers or flowering plants near the creek anymore. The insects that were in abundance at this place, will hopefully come to Arcadia Park for some host plants. It may not be important to some but it did have some cool plants and critters.

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