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Walked a similar route on Mt. Tamalpais today as the last hike only I ascended up the Easy Grade trail to Mountain Theater instead of going up the Bootjack Trail. Right away I noticed a manzanita in a highly unusual location and made an observation. Maybe it's a common species that just happened to get established in that unusual location, but I also noticed that this plant resembles Franciscan manzanita a little bit - it grows close to the ground and the leaves are similar in shape.

I realized today that in previous observations I erroneously referred to the Rock Spring trail as the Old Railroad trail. Sometimes the signs are confusing - they may state a destination along the trail instead of what appears to be the trail name.

At Mountain Theater I saw a small shrub-like plant that I'm very curious about:

I also saw the usual redish Tiburon Buckwheats along the "seats" of the theater. They like to grow in the cracks under the stones.

I also observed what appear to be some grasses or sedges today which I haven't done previously. However it was difficult to get decent, in-focus pictures with my old phone.

One of my final plant observations is an unusual plant which reminds me of hemlock that I've only seen growing in one small location along the Matt Davis trail

Due to a low pressure system that was starting to move into the area this afternoon it was rather windy on much of the mountain although when I got down to the Matt Davis trail it was actually quite nice. There was one point where on a turn approaching a ravine and I could see the fog rolling over the ridge in the distance - but it was not cold - it actually felt quite refreshing and enlivening.

Started my hike a bit later than I had wanted and hence had to force myself to get out of observation mode and focus on hiking expeditiously as it was getting dark.

I'm sorry some of the pics which I thought had turned out ended up being disappointingly out of focus. I really would like to upgrade to a better phone.

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