Why I keep my time zone set to Arizona

Even though I live in California, I prefer to keep all my clocks set to Arizona/Phoenix timezone also know as Mountain Standard Time.

Arizona Time is identical to Pacific Daylight Time during the summer and autumn and it never changes, unlike other time zones. This means that it is never necessary to reset clocks twice per year which, in my opinion, is insane.

One benefit of using Arizona Time year round is that, during Winter when the clocks "fall back" one hour, I never lose that crucial hour of daylight in the evening. This means that I can still enjoy walks in the evening while it is light out, whereas most people are still at work or just coming home from work at that time.

Another benefit is that I do not experience the gloom associated with losing that crucial hour of evening light in the Winter. This makes the Winter seem a lot more pleasant. I also strongly feel that it's a grave mistake to mess with the clock and our body's daily synchronization.

One final benefit which I really enjoy is that during the time of year in Winter when my clock is off by an hour it gives me an extra hour to prepare for things. If for example I have an appointment scheduled for 9 a.m. on everyone else's time, that actually means it is at 10 a.m. my time.

Once you get used to the difference it is easy to keep track of it. One thing I do for appointments during that time of year is put a little notation in my calendar events noting the time in "their time" which I abbreviate TT. So that 9 a.m. appointment would get put into my calendar as 10 a.m. but I would also put in a note "9 a.m. TT".

More info on Arizona Time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_in_Arizona

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