Finally Got a New Phone!

I got an LG G5 H830 phone which is a good, inexpensive phone with a 16MP camera and removable battery. It seems to be doing a good job of taking close-up shots of flowers, better than the Galaxy Note 4 which died last month.

I recommend the LG G5 to anyone on a budget who is looking for a phone that takes good pictures.

I'm noticing the updated iNaturalist Android app doesn't open my default gallery - which is set to QuickPic - by default. I wish it did because it would make it easier to upload pics into observations. QuickPic is better than the default Android gallery app because it remembers your last position so when you re-open it to upload consecutive pics taken for an observation, you don't lose your place.

Looking forward to making more observations and here we are in Spring!

Publicado el febrero 20, 2020 09:29 MAÑANA por xpacifica xpacifica


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