Strawberry bush and arthropods

Yesterday, I went to visit a Strawberry bush growing in the woods near my house. It's a beautiful plant that is Critically Endangered in the state of New York. Whenever I find one in the wild, I'm always super excited. It was lush and in full bloom, and on this sunny morning, many creatures were visiting the flowers and enjoying their nectar. I observed several species of ants, some plant bugs, and several harvestment visiting the flowers. That ants and plant bugs might enjoy the nectar wasn't that surprising, but I was surprised to see the harvestmen lapping up the nectar. I also saw a couple of species of small beetles on the Strawberry bush.

Here is the glorious Strawberry bush:

Here are my observations from that day and the following day when I returned: - Epuraea aestiva - A small tan beetle - Family Miridae - Plant bug - Woodland Fuzzy Ant - A small grayish harvestman - Camponotus ant - Leiobunum harvestmant - Maroon / brown - Nylanderia flavipes ants - crazy ants - Carpet beetles - More Camponotus sp ants - American Winter Ant - Spotted Lantern Fly - early instar - Plant bug

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