Joe Rocchio

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Joe Rocchio
Senior Vegetation Ecologist
Washington Dept. of Natural Resources, Natural Heritage Program

I have nearly 20 years of experience classifying vegetation, developing ecological integrity assessment tools for regional and national application, and surveying for ecologically significant wetlands across the western United States. In my current position I maintain a statewide ecosystem classification, develop and implement methods to assess ecological integrity of Washington's ecosystems, identify ecosystem conservation priorities, and recommend sites to be included in Washington's statewide system of Natural Area Preserves. I work with all of Washington’s ecosystems, but wetlands (especially peatlands) are my passion and area of expertise.

In my previous position, I spent nine years as a wetland ecologist with the Colorado Natural Heritage Program. In that position I spent the majority of time conducting inventories and assessment of ecologically significant wetlands across much of central and western Colorado.

I am a co-Regional Editor for the U.S. National Vegetation Classification, a previous board member for Northwest Scientific Association, a long-time member of NatureServe's Ecological Integrity Assessment workgroup, was previously involved with USEPA's National Wetland Monitoring and Assessment workgroup and contributed expert opinion on the selection of ecological indicators for USEPA's 2011 National Wetland Condition Assessment, and a member of the Washington State Wetland Monitoring and Assessment workgroup.

M.S. Ecosystem Analysis, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
B.S. Environmental Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

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