Will Pearce

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Currently an undergraduate student of Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Utah. Located in the Salt Lake Valley.

I like searching for and growing plants, with a particular interest in plants covered in spines, glands, or hairs, plants with tiny flowers, and any small-sized or cushion plants.

I have previously worked as an intern for an herbarium and as a gardener in a public garden, and am always looking for more opportunities to participate in botanical work and research.

The group I know most about is the Grossulariaceae (Gooseberry and Currant family) and I do a lot of identification for them on here, so if you need help with an ID for one or want an explanation for one of my IDs, absolutely feel free to shoot me an @ and I'll try to help out as best I can. Please note that my expertise really only extends to the US and Canada though, so I am much less accurate outside of that range (partially because the group is critically understudied outside of North America).

The other groups that I know something about are the Saxifragaceae and the Ranunculales, although my knowledge about those are a lot more limited. I would also like to learn more about grasses and the genus Polygonum.

My current camera setup is either a Nikon Z5 with the Nikkor 50mm Macro lens, or just my phone with a cheap macro clip-on lens. I also do quite a bit of focus stacking, but you should be able to tell whether an image was stacked/what it was taken with by looking at the photo metadata. All of my images are free for noncommercial use as long as credit is given, and I would prefer that you notify me when doing so so that I know what they are being used for. I also store many of my images in their original quality (before iNaturalist compresses them to save storage space on their servers) so if you are interested in obtaining a higher quality version of any of my photos, feel free to DM me and I'll try to get them to you.

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