Ashton Tassin

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Overworked public health epidemiologist who finds solace in posting pictures of species in my biome for a) pleasure b) data for researchers c) connect with others. I'm an amateur naturalist in the old sense of the word, not formally trained but a lover of urban and peri-urban ecology. Although I'd love to get into the weeds of taxonomy and keying out things, I mostly don't have the time and will defer to subject matter experts and often the suggested species algorithms. Feel free to chime in with the correct species.
I lament the loss of biodiversity due to global circuits of capital and take a structural health one approach to recognizing the interwoven connections between human health, ecosystem resilience, and agriculture.
The One Health approach integrates health investigations across the tree of life, including, but not limited to, wildlife, livestock, crops, and humans. It redresses an epistemological alienation at the heart of much modern population health, which has long segregated studies by species. 
The new science, open to incorporating developments across the social sciences, addresses foundational processes underlying multispecies health, including the place-specific deep-time histories, cultural infrastructure, and economic geographies.

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