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Visual Guide to the Porcellio and Similar Species of North and Central America

Hello, welcome to my profile! I am mainly focused on Porcellionidae, a family of Isopoda in the suborder Oniscidea; however, I am interested in every species of Crustacea. Feel free to @ me if you need help with an Isopod ID. If you would like to send me specimens that would be more than okay. Many Asellidae species can only be IDed under a compound microscope and have a possibility to be undescribed, especially Lirceus; just send me a message!

I am willing to collect specimens for research purposes.

All of the photos I post on Inaturalist were taken and edited only by me unless otherwise stated. Anyone can use my CC-BY photographs but a clear citation of the credit (needs to be Nathan Jones, not as @ blastcat, please) is always required. I would be happier if you could notify me in comments or by messages if you plan to use any of my photos; possibly I can provide a better photo.

Heat Maps
Identification Heatmap
Observation Heatmap

First Known Photographs of Living Specimens:
Caecidotea nodula
Arrenurus (Megaluracarus) expansus

iNat Firsts:
Caecidotea nodula
Genus Rickettsiella
Arrenurus (Megaluracarus) expansus
Attheyella illinoisensis
Nepa apiculata

Projects I admin/created:
Unambiguous Isopods, a project to document isopods that show all defining characteristics for a 100% verifiable ID.
First iNat Isopoda Records, a project to document the first observation of each isopod species.
Porcellio scaber lusitanus-like Individuals, The aim of this project is to collect range information on the many individuals with allometric growth resembling Porcellio scaber lusitanus.

Unofficial iNat Discord Server
AIMG Discord Server

It is my wish that all of the content I have contributed to iNaturalist (Observations, Identifications, comments, medias, etc.) remain on the site in the event of my death.

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