BritHikesOntario (Stu Hall)

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I'm BritHikesOntario (real name Stu Hall). I am originally from The UK but have been in Ontario for around 12 years and much of my free time is spent on learning about the flora and fauna of this part of the world. I am also a keen photographer and birder. My favourite bird is the Black-and-white warbler. Beyond birds, I am learning about other domains to become an all-round better naturalist.

I don't typically upload my better photos. However please note that all images I upload are my copyright. If you are particularly interested in an image, please contact me.

I share stories and photos of my encounters with nature on my social media channels:
and some on my website:

I am slowly but surely attempting to end-to-end hike The Bruce Trail, a roughly 895km trail in Ontario. You can follow my progress on my blog.

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