Neil Gilham

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I am fascinated by the natural world and how all the pieces fit together and interact with one another; rock, soil, water, microbes, plant, animal, and air; all connected. I’ve always been interested in nature from a very young age. iNaturalist has opened a new world of discovery and learning for me. I love the community and the feedback.

I’m based in western Washington. Most of my observations are from my local area. I travel with my job (environmental scientist/geologist) and take vacations near and far. I love the opportunity to view nature in new places and make new discoveries. I’m still making new discoveries even in my own backyard. Finding local endemics makes my day.

I’m a generalist when making observations. Whatever catches my eye I'll photograph, especially anything new to me. Plants rank high on my list with a focus on weeds and invasive plants. I’m a casual birder. I like arthropods, especially insects and spiders. I love centipedes. I’m challenged by mushrooms, lichens, and mosses. My favorite things to do when iNatting are:

  • Finding endemic plants
  • Finding unusual and overlooked organisms
  • Exploring underrepresented areas

My current photography kit includes a Nikon Z5 equipped with a 24-200mm lens. I also use a 105mm macro lens. I frequently use my phone, a Google Pixel Pro 7 (formerly a Samsung Galaxy S8). I have a binocular microscope (20x – 40x) that I can photograph through the ocular with my smartphone.

Identification and interaction within the iNaturalist community is important and it encourages those new to iNaturalist. I appreciate the identifications received and especially any explanation feedback if I made an error. Please don't dine and dash.

Some field guides I have on my shelf:

Field Guides for the Pacific Northwest

Good references at @velodrome, slanted toward California.

More good references from @csledge :

Keys to California bushmallows (Malacothamnus):

Feel free to reach out to me if you’re in the neighborhood.

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