Christian Langner

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I'm head of the International Center for Turtle Conservation (IZS) in the Allwetterzoo in Münster, Germany. This is a species conservation breeding project that is dedicated behind the zoo scenes to rescue the most critically endangered Asian tortoises from extinction and was founded and run on a voluntary basis by Elmar Meier about 20 years ago. In the past I had the great privilege of working on various research projects, especially with a focus on herpetology , e.g. in Borneo and New Caledonia. A number of other excursions took me to some remote places. My main area of ​​interest has been herpetology for more than 40 years. However, if time permits, I try to document everything that gets in front of my lens and post it here on this great platform. I try to venture as far forward as possible with the species identification. Even if I'm completely wrong from time to time, I'm all the more happy about a constructive correction! I'm happy to help out with photos for scientific publications, but I really appreciate it if I'm asked beforehand...

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