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March 9, 2011
I was introduced to iNaturalist on Friday March 4, 2011 and have been having a blast so far. I have been taking pictures for many years and have been interested in how nature works since I was four or five years old.
I have a biology degree from what used to be know as Hayward State University and was one unit shy of another one from Sonoma State in environmental studies.
One big plus for me by getting involved with iNaturalist is being able to interact with like minded people who don't go all glassy-eyed when I start talking about nature and photography.
I have been involved with Pepperwood in ever greater amounts since moving next door in 1999 and became a steward in 2007. I was in the first class for the certified naturalist through the U.C. extension program last year. I am also a citizen scientist at Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation since 2009.
I am looking forward to having great times.

Feb. 26, 2014
It is hard to believe three years (almost) have gone by since I started doing this great thing. As with anything, I have put in more and less time toward getting observations as the pressures of life change, but it is almost always on my mind when I see some naturalist thing in my world.

I have purchased a new 55-250mm lens for my camera and hope to get some more bird and insect shots I couldn't capture very well with the old equipment. Also, I plan to gather the parts to be able to record with good fidelity the sounds I hear around me all the time. I am now using my iPad with video but it isn't really good for sound recordings.

Still looking forward to all the fun of making observations to come.


It has been a while since I updated this thing so I guess it isn't a top priority. I am hoping to get out a lot more than last year to get some more shots of new and old organisms for my collection. With all the rain this season, I am looking forward to a big bloom of the wildflowers.

Another year has gone by ( just a bit more than seven years since I started with iNat) and it is amazing just what a big fire can do in an area. I luckily did not loose my house even though pretty much everything else around it was destroyed. Spring has come here again and it will be a great adventure to see how nature responds to a radical change. Hope to see some fire stimulated plants that haven't been seen in so many years.

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