Dennis Eckhart

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In 2011, after retiring from my full-time lawyer job, I started volunteering as a "weed warrior" aka Invasive Plant Management Steward, at the American River Parkway Foundation in Carmichael, California. Seeking out non-native Red Sesbania, Spanish Broom, and Stinkwort took me into areas of the parkway that I had never explored, despite living just a couple miles from several access points and riding thousands of miles on the Jedediah Smith Bicycle Trail, which runs the length of the Parkway. I fell in love with the Parkway and its wildlife. I got a better camera and a big telephoto lens, so I could capture the beauty of the flora and fauna. In Fall 2017 I took the UC Naturalist course at Effie Yeaw Nature Center and began recording observations. I have a particular interest in birds and recently began submitting my lists on eBird.

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