Erin Barbeau

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Pronouns: Ze/zir or They/them
I am an entomologist by training with a focus on lepidoptera, plant-insect interactions, biological control, and invasive species. I have studied caterpillar behavior, parasitic wasps, and worked in insect collections for 6 years. My master's thesis focused on regurgitation in caterpillars.

Outside of entomology, I am a science fiction writer, illustrator, and frilly cupcake.

Academic Publications:
Ridenbaugh RD, Barbeau E, Sharanowski BJ (2018) Description of four new species of Eadya (Hymenoptera, Braconidae), parasitoids of the Eucalyptus Tortoise Beetle (Paropsis charybdis) and other Eucalyptusdefoliating leaf beetles. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 64: 141-175.

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