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High school student from Colorado interested in natural history and ecology. I am interested in most aspects of nature study, especially birds, herps, arthropods, and scientific name etymologies. I am also interested in marine science and polar climate science!

I have written articles and given presentations for multiple organizations and publications. Most recently, I have written three articles for the American Birding Association. The first was published on the ABA website at this link: https://tinyurl.com/h8cvzpvk. The second was titled “My Coronavirus Crash Course in Nature Study: Learning About Birds (& More) with iNaturalist & Instagram,” and was published in the Dec. issue of the ABA’s Birding Magazine. Both of these focused on my experience birding and ‘i-Natting’ during the pandemic and how I used various apps to help with my IDs and whatnot. My most recent article was in the Jan. 2021 issue of Birding Magazine, and I collaborated with ornithologist Peter Pyle on a study of Long-billed Dowitchers. In addition to writing articles, I have also given presentations at various bird festivals across the country (I was a speaker at the San Diego Bird Festival in Feb. 2022), as well as at local events here in CO (I co-led a Sandhill Crane field workshop at Monte Vista NWR in Mar. 2022)! I collaborated with Swarovski Optik to do a photoshoot with some of their products and had an article published about birding my local patch on their website (https://tinyurl.com/5n76ehnc). I am a regular volunteer for the Lafayette Birds initiative, and I am passionate about sharing my love and wonder for the natural world with other people through bird walks and such. Some of my bird photos on iNaturalist have been published by local open space chapters, too.

I am also the copy editor of The Fledgling, the American Birding Association's magazine written by young birders.

In addition to sharing all of my photos on iNaturalist, I also share all of my favorite photos over on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hannahzfloyd/. I definitely do not use eBird as much, but here is my eBird profile: https://tinyurl.com/35w2ajtr.

I am happy to help with identifications, and am most comfortable with birds of the Western United States and the flora and fauna of the Front Range region in Colorado (still working on the flora part, though).

Check out my observational study that I conducted between May 30, 2022 and June 8, 2022 here @hannahfloyd_mothstudy2022. It is for my IB (International Baccalaureate program) extended essay!

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