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Nature conservation & close up photography of mainly insects, plants and amphibians.

Always wandering around with a macro lense around my neck and specifically targetting solitary bees (when it is warmer) and salamanders (when it is cooler).

My passion for nature and amphibians have brought me over to the US mutliple times in the pre-digital age (pré 2000) where I looked out for salamanders in California, Oregon and quite a number of East-coast areas and I have just redone this again in 2019 !

During more recent holyday periods I am often in the Gard area in France of which I now have a large photographic collection. Hoping to extend this further as we will also visit the region outside the normal holyday periods (may).

In Belgium I have reserved a part of my garden with local endemic plants to create an insect and solitary bee friendly environment and also do alot of photographic inventory trips in local nature reserves year-round overhere to depict local nature, insects, ....

I have a large interest in solitary bees and specifically on Andrenidae. Having written a small book (with lots of images) on our local Andrena (in Dutch however ;-) , which -if interested- can be freely downloaded at http://intruigingnature.photodeck.com/-/galleries/articles-for-download/solitary-bees/-/medias/345f58ac-590c-4327-b792-182701825e28-de-zandbijen-in-regio-meetjesland
Right now this book focuses on the local species in the vincinity where I live, but I hope we can extend this too all or most Andrena from Belgium one day ;-)

When walking around in our local reserves or anywhere my business or family trips bring me, the camera is ready to go too... Obviously also interested in nature conservancy and the often intriguing ecological relations of the animals with plants or among one another.

If interested you can view my website (which depicts close to 3.000 species) at : http://intruigingnature.photodeck.com/-/galleries/te-enjoy-gallery or visit my flickr account (same images) at : https://www.flickr.com/photos/unovidual/

Anyway enjoy your day and nature ...

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