Herbarium GARIN

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The Herbarium of I. N. Garin Society for Studying of the Flora of the Yaroslavl oblast was established in June 2014. In July 2016 the Herbarium has received the acronym GARIN and in September 2016 the herbarium received the name of "Herbarium of the flora of the Yaroslavl oblast". The database of the Herbarium records is made in MS Access. Inseration of the specimens is carried out in accordance with modern systems – Lumbsch, Huhndorf (2007) for Lichen; Konstantinova, Bakalin, Andrejeva etc. (2009) for Liverworts; Ignatov, Afonina, Ignatova etc. (2006) for Mosses; Christenhusz, Chase (2014) for Fern; Christenhusz, Reveal, Farjon etc. (2011) for Gymnosperms; APG IV (2016).
Specialty: the flora of the Yaroslavl oblast.

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